Friday, August 3, 2012

Taking Stock

Toy camera photo by Jeff Greer, Virginia, 2011

All month, I've been ruminating on what I want to do next. It's a good time for that. All of July--and even much of June--has been one big fat commercial break in my life. A time when I haven't put myself out there much--socially, as a model, and otherwise--and have been trying to feel out what I truly want without forcing it [trying to force insight isn't all that effective, I've found].

What I want as a model is becoming clearer, and at some point I'll likely write a post about that instead of just alluding to it. I don't want to IDENTIFY myself as "a model" or be seen by others as "a model", but incorporating "modeling" into my life as one of the many things I do is something I would like to continue.

Here's the agenda as far as I know right now:

August 4th-11th: Backpacking [and modeling] in Yosemite National Park
[Then a short intermediate period during which I'll be attending to personal things.]
August 15th-September 8th: Black Rock City, NV [more commonly known as BURNING MAN!]

September 9th-26th: THIS is the big Wild Card period. I might stick around California for Thai massage training. Or I might find a way to get my ass out on a modeling trip! Time [and interest, and funds] will tell.

September 26th-TBD: Presumably modeling in South America [likely Peru]...?
Sometime in October: Modeling in and around SLO

I wanted to get to the East coast/Midwest. Arr, I still do. At this point, that looks a bit unlikely--but I haven't given up on it entirely yet! If I have a couple weeks freed up and book enough work, I'll find my way!

And if I don't end up making it over there this year, it WILL be an extended destination in 2013, even if it means moving there and/or getting a seasonal job there. Pinky swear! There are so many Midwesterners and East Coasters with whom I want to work. I don't know what it is about the east coast modeling scene, but working there rekindles my love of modeling every time, no matter how jaded I'm feeling. Something about the modeling scene in that part of the's just different. Less bullshit, less antagonism, less hustling. More focus on creating beautiful things and having a good time without the bureaucratic nonsense.

There are wonderful people elsewhere in the country, too--you know who you are--but they're harder to find and it seems more filtering has to be done--when I go back east, being a model feels like the best job in the world.

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