Friday, August 17, 2012

Midnight to noon, I'm a desert child

Brainchild of the fascinating Erin Wilson--both the photographer and second model. Alameda, CA, probably 2010.
Guess who's going to Burning Man this year!

I've never gone [I've never been able to afford it--or at least, never been able to justify the expense, especially when you factor in all the necessary preparation].

About a month ago, I was sitting in a bar talking excitedly to a girl behind the counter about metal work, including MIG welding [which I'd just tried for the first time earlier that day], and a guy who turned out to be a professional welder jumped into the conversation. Half an hour later, I was being introduced to his boss. Two weeks later, I was offered a job at Burning Man--assisting in set-up and tear-down before and after the event, rescuing stranded tourists and fixing basic mechanical problems with their cars, and maintaining golf carts for a couple hours a day during the event itself.

I'll be there for a little over three weeks at most. Transportation, admission, food, and amenities are all covered--all I need to bring is a dust mask and goggles, and whatever ludicrous crap I feel inclined to lug around.

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