Monday, July 2, 2012

Something I don't get to do enough of...

Christopher Lee Donovan, NH, 2011 gender-bending.

I think it's a tough one for me to pull off, since my facial features and figure are so damn effeminate.

But I think these were successful.

I loved working with Chris--shooting with him is such a collaborative process. The basis for his shoot themes revolve almost entirely around the model: her own story, her own turn-ons, dreams, ideas, free associations. I felt completely free to express myself creatively and throw out ideas, while also feeling as if I were working with someone who was an incredibly creative and talented person in his own right. One of the most laid-back, productive, and fun shoots I've had. More of his photos to come in a near-future post, I'm sure--we did quite a lot.

Christopher Lee Donovan, NH, 2011

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