Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Magicc Imagery, Maryland, 2011
Sometimes it's the candid behind-the-scenes shots that wind up being my favorites.

This cat was following us everywhere, so I stopped to give it some attention.

Scott and I had been in touch since I had first, first begun modeling and he was one of my most encouraging supporters-from-a-distance early on in my career. When we finally had our first shoot, years later, it was on a really cool organic farm sort of place--there was so much to play with. I wound up scrambling up a huge pile of mulch [I swear the thing was almost thirty feet high] in order to hang naked off the bucket arm of a backhoe that was perched on top.

We did standard figure work, as well--but these plain and simple--even accidental--shots often end up being my favorites. Not only from my shoots with Scott, but in general. In a way, they're more revealing than the most vulnerable, ripped-open stare of a subject into the lens a camera could ever be.

Our second shoot was even cooler. I'd mentioned offhand to him that I'd been wanting to meet the model Melissa Trout, since I'd heard a lot of things about her that had given me the impression I'd like her.

So he surprised me by booking us both when I was next in DC, and the entire shoot revolved around the two of us sitting at a table drinking coffee and eating croissants that he'd prepared in a quaint setup, and then doing each other's hair by a window. He said, "Just talk for the next hour or two, ignore me, and I'll try to capture something cool."

He did--there are a load of cute shots of us laughing, talking, eating, spacing out. Here's one of them:

Magicc Imagery, Gaithersburg, MD, 2011

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