Monday, July 23, 2012

Where are you all COMING from?

So, first of all.

I've just noticed that the page views for this blog skyrocketed [relative to what they were before] a day or two ago. Tripled, at least--and particularly on a day when I didn't even make any updates. What the fuck?

Weird. It's not like this is the only site on the Internet featuring nude photos.

I guess I should be excited or something, right? Why would I be sticking all this stuff online, if not to gain some sort of readership? I AM excited, or at least I assume I must be--but right now I'm more surprised than anything. Seriously--I've got no clue where you all just came from. Unless I just have one very redundant stalker who checks my blog a squillion times a day.

Anyway, switching gears back to life:

This place is incredible.

I arrived--the school itself is tucked away on the instructor's beautiful property--full of buildings he made himself [he's also a carpenter] and a vegetable garden. The classroom itself takes place in a large barn [built by our instructor, of course], complete with a sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom and shower, a skeleton and various models of human anatomy, tapestries illustrating different relevant concepts...a didgeridoo...

We're allowed to sleep on the grounds--in either the classroom barn, a large backyard teepee, or outside anywhere [I just set up one of his cots last night and passed out under the trees and stars]. The night had that summer pulse to it. A single cockroach crawled over me in a friendly sort of way, and for some reason I found it more comforting than disgusting.

13.3 hours of class a day, taken with four other students--already we've been cementing a sort of familial feeling that I find almost nowhere, and it's been unusually easy and natural to do so. The curriculum is EXTREMELY broad, and some of it is pretty esoteric [for instance, I was attuned to Reiki 1 today--a concept I hadn't even heard of until recently, and a lot of our curriculum revolves around Eastern medicine and "energetic" concepts].

As far as the "esoteric" stuff goes, now's a good time for that sort of thing: I grew up a hard-hard-hardcore skeptic who gave no consideration to anything that wasn't based strictly on the physical sciences--even psychology and some biology were "New Age hoodoo juju" to me--but my attitude has been softening a bit due to my experiences of the last two years and I'm not a lot more receptive to giving every school of thought a sincere, open-minded chance before writing it off as hokum.

I'm pretty fucking excited. Intense-and-short-term is what suits me.

Okay, okay, I know what you're here for. Figured this entry mandated a nature-y sort of photo:

Bob Freund, Bay Area, CA, 2011

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