Friday, June 29, 2012


Samantha Ylva Beasley, Portland, OR, 2012

James Wigger, Portland, OR, 2012
I love these!

I was visiting Samantha and James in their enchanting place--to me it's like some dungeon dwelling, sectioned off from the rest of the world. I was coming down with a fever the night they were taken--I didn't have much stamina. Enough to hold still without falling over--that was about it.

I was grumpy and my attention span was worse than usual, and I kept debating whether I should stick around for the night or not, largely due to "parking logistics" or something. My fever got the better of me, and I stayed over, spending a delirious night reading the entirety of Venus in Furs during the times I couldn't sleep.

My sick-grouchiness did them no justice--Samantha and James are such lovely company. I felt completely at home with them. I didn't feel very at home with MYSELF that night [I generally hate being around people when I'm sick], but I always end up blabbering my mouth off at Samantha. It's just easygoing. I have only been around each of them in person a small handful of times, and feel like they've both caught me at worse periods in my life and not when I was my shiny-best, so I'm quite fortunate that they seem to like me anyway. 8]

The cool thing about these images was that, when we shot, they were running low on their very interesting strain of 8x10, so each of them took only two exposures--that's it--and here are two of the resulting four images. Not too shabby!

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