Monday, June 4, 2012

Elena... my favorite. 'Nuff said.

I first shot with her when she was a student at the Academy of Art, and have worked with her...oh...four times? It's only been a couple years but now she's fucking all over the place and I never get to see her or work with her since she's obscenely busy [hoping to catch her this month, finally]. She has such a dedication to her work, and fully deserves all of the success that has been coming her way. Go look:

I also enjoy running around the beach wrapped up in a blanket with a wig on my head drinking beer, teams of people who are laid back and fun, bringing in fog machines and other such oddities all in the name of creating authentic special effects, being told to strike extremely unflattering clench-your-butt-hunch-over-pooch-your-belly poses for a change instead of the usual tiptoes-tits-out-arch-your-back fare, and having a hair stylist take a power saw to my head. 8]

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