Friday, June 15, 2012

Meghan 8]

Photos: Alien Life, 2010

One thing I will say about modeling [I write "one thing" as if I haven't already pontificated my ass off] is that it's allowed me to meet a few true kindred spirits.

Meghan's one of them. I like her a bunch. And am presumably seeing her sometime around September/October for another adventure [scuba diving in Catalina island, camping/climbing in the midwest, or else some other type of vagabonding and debauching]! 8]

She has a thing:

And shoots film. Like theeeeese of me:

December 2010, accidental double-exposure--me playing guitar on the sand near Pismo Beach vs. laughing and running naked through snow near Death Valley
November 2011, went through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah
November 2011, driving around the southwest in the nuddypants
November 2011, Peeeeeing
November 2011, Salt Flats in Utah
November 2011, Arizona
November 2011, more Arizona

December 2011, around New Years in South Lake Tahoe. Riddled with nostalgia.

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