Monday, June 11, 2012

On kink

Yeah. I know. It's my butt!
I felt like putting it up.
From a really good shoot--back in my early days. Greg's awesome.

This shoot was the first time I experimented with fetish modeling. As per usual, when I try something new I will generally just dive right in: I was suspended, and wound up with clover clamps stuck onto lots of places that don't like being clamped. It experience.

I got lucky--working with Greg was awesome. In general, I don't think fetish modeling is for me [both for the shoot dynamic, the heightened level of trust and vulnerability required, and because I am not a fan of the majority of fetish photography--you get some diamonds in the rough, but not many], so in general I've avoided even very light decorative ropework.

Lately I've been thinking it's the sort of thing I'd like to explore again--work with a darker sensuality to it [not tacky porn bondage; I'm not going to wear fuzzy love cuffs in a garishly lit hotel room so that someone can get their rocks off]--though only for the right assignment. And maybe there IS no right assignment.

Perhaps I feel a renewed interest because of the reading choices I made on my last trip: Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, The Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille, and The Story of O by Pauline Réage. Sans one of de Sade's torture tomes, it doesn't get much more transgressive than those.

Yeah, suck on that Palahniuk, you prude!

Granted--I do like me some Palahniuk, on occasion.

Incidentally, I liked Venus in Furs the best. It's actually much more psychologically and philosophically engaging--and more of a fucked-up love story, with real characters--whereas the other two are kind of just porn. Licentious act after licentious act--plenty of symbolism but no real subtext.

Of course, I doubt people have much interest in the reading choices of a professional model. But this is my blog, and I figure people are mainly here for the pictures, anyway. So, here they are:


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