Thursday, April 4, 2013


So I wouldn't call this a modeling photo, per se [though how exactly does one define a "modeling photo" anyway? When does candid art cross over and become mere documentation...or does it, ever?]

However, it is one of my very favorites and it's not exactly Facebook-friendly, so I am posting it here. Close enough.

Film photo of myself, being deliriously happy, and Meghan [fellow art model and one of my closest friends] at Burning Man 2012. She's been hiding in Mexico for a good portion of the last couple years, and I miss her right now, which is so excellent--isn't it such a great thing to have people to miss?

We always talk about it like it is such a sad thing, but there's something so precious about having someone to miss, and to note that feeling of deprivation with relish rather than anxiety.

Much better than the alternative, no?

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