Thursday, April 11, 2013


Rummy, SJ, CA
[After the last several posts, I figured I'd go with some juxtaposition to balance things out.]

Speaking of which, today is a nice fulcrum/bookmark/transitional sort of day.

I spent the last ten days in Mammoth.
--Worked a week straight of double shifts [ski instruction during the day; massage therapy during the evening].
--Then allowed myself three days of playtime [skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hot springs, happy hour, local friends].

I'll be spending the next ten days sneaking along the coast.
--Three days at Lucidity [a festival near Santa Barbara--I've never been but the impression I've gotten is that it will be a decidedly hippy-dippy sort of event] with a very good friend.
--Then taking a week to work my way up the coast from SoCal--through SB, SLO, the Bay, Napa-ish, Sac, Tahoe--all the way back to Reno [mostly shooting, but definitely not without some time to visit friends and microbreweries].

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