Friday, September 14, 2012


Boulder, CO, 2011
I need to find this guy's name again. I had it, and lost it--I think it's "David", but it could be "Daniel", or something else entirely, and I can't remember his last name for the life of me right now. It could be "Yu", but he didn't show up when I Googled it, so I must be misremembering.

Anyway, he's an extremely talented artist out of Boulder, CO [or somewhere near there]--he did this watercolor crayon drawing during a five or ten minute pose [I forget which] at a really, really awesome drawing group out of Boulder that I've had the good fortune to pose for multiple times. The artists there are extremely talented, there's a sense of ease and good humor about the place, and the tips when I worked there were veeery generous.

In retrospect, I kind of wish he'd given this drawing to me, but so it goes [not like I really have the space to store pictures, anyway].

There's something incredible about the way he captures expression, even in one-or-two minute poses, so I figured I'd share this [even though it's just a shitty, crooked snapshot that I took of the drawing, rather than a good photo or scan of the drawing]--you must be bored by now of looking at naked photos of me, right? 8]

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