Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do geese see God?

Andrea Pun, Los Angeles, CA, 2010
This was taken by a really sweet art student from LA--she's slightly younger than I am. At the time, she was nineteen and I'd just turned twenty. I'd just finished up my season in Kings Canyon.

Not much to say this week, because I don't feel like being online because there is shit to do. So in the absence of more entertaining or weighty subjects that would take longer to write about, here are a few narcissistic points of interest:

1. I like palindromes--when setting alarms and microwave times, for instance, I generally enter palindromes. Word-wise, too. Never odd or even.
2. I like the look of priest cassocks--elegant, almost like evening dresses for men. Hahaha.
3. I like pulling on Wellington boots and stomping on horse shit in the back of a trailer in order to pack it down--it's like jumping on grassy marshmallows.
4. To explain #3: my first job ever was working as a stable hand, so that I could learn how to ride horses and barrel race.
5. My first language was Mandarin. I lost it when I learned English, at about age six.
6. I generally don't eat fruit [by that I mean "fruity" fruits--I'm not talking about tomatoes and zucchinis]. My main exceptions are coconuts, grapefruits, and pomegranates [though I can't STAND pomegranate juice, nor pomegranate-flavored things--only the fresh fruit].

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