Thursday, June 6, 2013

Until next time, East Coasters! Portland-bound.

With Elena Siddal, who hosted my wandering carcass these last few weeks. Photo by Gary M
Flying out of NYC tomorrow, but I'm already excited for the next time I'll be back.

As usual, there wasn't enough time to do everything or see everyone--but what time there was was swell.

Next up?

From the Bay, headed NorCal-upwards on land [by car, if my poor car's still holding up okay]. Sadly won't be making it to Canada this time around because I'm still waiting on a replacement passport.

Portland and Seattle were acquired tastes for me--I disliked them at first, but kept finding myself mysteriously returning to the area...and then, suddenly, it hit me that I'd fallen in love with it behind my own back.

It's a pretty special part of the country to me; some of my best experiences [both as a model and otherwise] have come out of the Pacific Northwest, but moreover, it seems like I always come up on a LOT of personal growth whenever I take a trip there. It may just be coincidence, but the association exists for me nonetheless, rendering me a bit sentimental.

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