Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer plans!

But first...some candid-dressing-room-cell-phone shots from behind the scenes of some of my east coast shoots [I recently had a photographer joke that I seem to always be typecast as a here's some proof to the contrary]:

So here's how things are breaking down from now-onward:

June: Pacific Northwest road trip.
Full-time modeling all the while.
Bay ==> NorCal ==> Portland ==> Seattle ==> back down to Reno [home base]

July: Volunteering for the festival season.
Limited modeling availability along the Reno <==> Bay Area circuit.
Burning Girl ==> Lightning in a Bottle ==> [secret NV event] ==> prep for Burning Man [home]

August: Most likely disappearing for the month.

Fall: Planning an exhaustive cross-country road trip.
Modeling full-full-full time--making a big loop, details soon!
Reno ==> Midwest ==> East Coast ==> South ==> Reno

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