Monday, May 13, 2013

Start spreading the news...

Badass polaroid taken two days ago by Deep Exposure! Meghan Claire, myself, and Anoush Anou in CA.

I'm leaving today...for New York, New York!

It's been about two years since I've been to the east coast--I've always had an absolute blast there.

My last trip entailed the two most productive and rewarding weeks of my entire modeling career [sometimes three shoots a day, working with incredible people to create some really beautiful work]...

...and a few days off to play. I stayed in an ecovillage in Western Mass where I got to help build a cob bench, milk goats, and ride a really powerful scooter through the woods, I made a good number of new friends [both within and outside of the modeling industry], and had some other fantastic adventures.

And that's not to mention how much fun I had the last time I was hanging out in DC--spent an extremely full day running around the National Mall like any good tourist and stayed at my old nanny's house [I hadn't seen her since about age six].

I'll also be hitting up Pennsylvania for the very first time ever.

Anyway, I'll be back east until June 7th!

Pre-tour, it's been a good few days. Whenever possible, I like to visit my family before embarking on extended solo trips [taken for modeling, or otherwise]. Was planning to be a recluse at my old house and told no one--but somehow my closest still-local childhood friends seemed to just KNOW I'd been in the area, and all called me out of the blue upon my arrival. Caught up with old-old friends, explored a strange yuppie-dog-walking-park/reclaimed-hobo-village with my sister, indulged in some fantastic local food...

I've spent this night preceding my flight playing bridge with my family [yes, I play bridge--anyone, anyone?], drinking rose tea with raw honey, and taking a lavender chamomile bath [quite a luxury--not only do I generally not make time for such things, but my home base in Reno doesn't have a bathtub].

As much as I'd call myself something of an adrenaline junkie, I relish the less flashy pleasures. 8]

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