Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chutes and

Deep Exposure, with Anoush Anou and Meghan Claire, CA, 2013
This is from a last-minute shoot in CA I was able to squeeze in before flying back east. I hadn't known either Meghan or Anoush would be coming to the shoot, and it was an awesome surprise--generally I really enjoy working with other models [disclaimer: within certain bounds...ahem]. 8]

A couple days after this the three of us rambled around a couple parks and then got the best ice cream in the Universe.

It's funny how much of my friendships-via-modeling seem to be the result of generally feels like a coincidence when I encounter another model at a shoot, given how much we tend to move around. Connecting, as a nomad, often requires a specific sort of opportunism.

Oh, and a follow-up to two posts ago: contrarily to all the books I'd listed, the first book I finished here on the east coast was Shakespeare's Macbeth, of all things. Though that's since been followed up by The Drunkard's Walk, which is an absolutely fantastic book on the history of probability theory and statistics, and commonly-held misconceptions regarding both--it's more heavy on anecdotes [giving amusing historical context, and illustrating problems in a qualitative, logical way] than on mathematics, so it'd be a worthy read for the layman as well as for the bona fide nerd.

...Oh yeah. I'm a model, not a book critic. I tend to digress quite a bit with these blog posts.

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