Monday, March 4, 2013

Travel noodling

Christopher Lee Donovan, NH, 2011
Fuck yeah. This is why CLD is awesome. And all the way over in fucking New Hampshire.

So, speaking of. I'm thinking about travel.

For starters:

Absolute number one priority: East coast trip. I love it over there--for many, many reasons. Among those reasons is this one: never have I found modeling to be more fun, more lucrative, or more gratifying than over on the east coast.

And it's been two effing years since I've been back east--I don't know how time got away from me like that, but there we go.

I'm thinking May, for about three weeks [I'd go for five or more, but bittersweetly there are elements at play that currently prevent me from being away from home-base for longer than about three].

I'm thinking NY, MA, NH, CT. I'm also thinking I've never seen VT or PA, and I would like to rectify that. Oh, and I'm thinking a detour down to DC is definitely in order.

Will book airline tickets as soon as I have a clearer idea.

For after-starters:

Second priority is getting to the Pacific Northwest. Probably taking a car for this one, though I'm not positive yet--heading up the California coast to Portland, Seattle, and [if I can find my passport] Vancouver. I miss it up there. So that'll be happening. Currently thinking June-ish.

I'd also like to try modeling in the Midwest [never been to Chicago...], return to the Southwest [New Mexico, I love you!], and make a return trip to the South [though probably not over the next few months...I've found that Texan Summer is not my friend]. Oh, and go to Hawaii. And Alaska. And abroad. And elsewhere. And so on.

And of course I'll be in, out, and around the Bay every so often [heading back and forth from Reno, which I've adopted as my current home base].

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