Thursday, February 28, 2013

And she returns!

 Hey, hey!

So I've returned. I said I would!

I've been teaching skiing in the Eastern Sierra by day, working as a massage therapist by evening, and being an aficionado of expensive microbrew and cheap wine by night. Mountain town living, and all that jazz.

Didn't rock climb nearly as much as I'd hoped I would, but got to play on some boulders nonetheless. And spent a good amount of time sitting in natural hot springs.

Anyway, that was fun, but it was time for another change--so here I am. Miraculously, I managed to quit my ski job two months early while still being allowed to retain my season skiing and snowboarding will definitely be a part of my future these next couple months.

But with modeling in mind, I've managed to avoid a goggle tan, so I haven't gotten to milk the reverse-raccoon look. Sacrifices, you know.

Photos are by the rad Erin Wilson from over in the Bay, whom I'm hoping to hang out with again when I make it out that way [within the next week or two]. She dresses me up, shoots medium format, and makes me dinner--what's not to like?

Speaking of which, I'm beginning to brainstorm ideas for travel. I will likely go into some more detail in my next post.

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