Saturday, March 8, 2014


Writing this from Ko Tao, Thailand, after an amazing couple of months of playtime [and a few rather hard-won lessons].

Originally I was planning on returning to the States in early Spring and ending my hiatus at that time...but I was recently given the option to head to Australia first on a next-to-nothing ticket with next-to-no-notice, to stay with an amazing community of Burners in Melbourne.

Of course, as is my S.O.P. when faced with an option to explore the unfamiliar, I jumped on this.

I've heard squillions of good things about the photographer/model community in Australia, and am really excited to start networking and working and goofing off with those of you down under.


Though I've begun booking already, given how short-notice my arrival will be, I'm planning on spending at least the first week or two in Melbourne to get my bearings, and make my itinerary for the rest of Australia. It'll be a mellow-ish start, but it's during this time that I'm hoping to work with people in Melbourne. 8]

After that, I plan to head up the east coast on a somewhat faster-paced tour. I may be open to heading to more out-of-the-way spots like Perth with sufficient bookings.

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