Monday, August 5, 2013

And the living is easy...

LD Out of Focus, CA, 2013
It's a shame I can't discuss a lot of how I've been spending my summer on this blog, as I've been pretty excited about it.

A lot of it is very personal stuff. Of course, I've never been deterred from rambling about my personal life to an extent, but I've got to draw my own lines, too.

A relatively PC overview of a few ways I've been spending my time:
--Hanging out at an incredible artists' and builders' space out west [a huge warehouse-turned-psychedelic-industrial-arts-workshop...and a lot more] donated by a wealthy benefactor, so that people with ideas and drive can use the space and resources for free to make large-scale art projects, generally for Burning Man. Here, I've been learning/practicing a multitude of skills. For instance: forging metal, spinning fire staff, and laser-etching.
--Cooling off at the river--doing everything from jumping off 40-foot bridges to learning how to fish for the first time.
--Infusing my own herbal cordials and other witchy homebody-esque things.
--Working several festivals and immersing myself into that scene for the first time. It's been an interesting experiment.
--Seeing my sister off as she heads to study abroad for a year in Shanghai by going trapezing together.

Through it all, I've still managed to do a few photo shoots--there isn't much of a model/photographer scene in this part of the country, but I've stumbled into a few gigs here nonetheless, all positive experiences. 8]

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