Monday, October 15, 2012

I kissed a banana slug for luck that morning.

Alien Life, South Bay, CA, 20...10?
An oldie but goodie. One of my first shoots.

It was very cold. It was very early.

It's strange keeping this blog up because my life has deviated considerably from the modeling world. I still model--but not as I used to. There's so much ELSE going on in life that I'd been missing--being a traveling model feels like a relentless chase, at times, running through a hamster wheel and all that jazzcrap.

I'm thinking next year I may take a few trips [Northwest, East Coast, possibly elsewhere...maybe the midwest, and I may venture into SoCal again, but someone'll have to bribe me]. But I haven't cemented any plans yet--it's just an idea-seed, at this point.

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